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Trusted name for complete mold solutions...servicing North Alabama since 1994.

EnviroSafe is a full service mold remediation company dedicated to providing high-quality professional mold removal service. We have been servicing North Alabama since 1994, and we're a name you can trust.

If you'd like more information or just have some questions about the services we provide, you're welcome to contact us! Our contact information is on the right.

EnviroSafe is Alabama's only Caltex Certified Service Provider. We follow EPA guidelines for all work and also keep up with the ongoing changes around the country to make sure we are providing the most effective mold solutions possible. We do not follow the newest fad...we follow results. You also have to make sure the system works in our climate. Some solutions that work in dryer climates do not work here in the south due to our high humidity.

EnviroSafe has supported our community through the Huntsville Madison County Builders Association, The Huntsville Realtors Association, Urban Rangers, Royal Rangers, and other community projects over the years. We offer discounts to churches and other non profits, so they can use the money to do more of what they do.

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Madison, AL 35757

Telephone: (256) 704-4570
Email: Terrell@uglymold.com