For the past 20 years, owner Terrell Nixon of EnviroSafe, LLC has made a living out of cleaning things that most people cannot see, such as mold, mildew, and bacteria.

Terrell first started his business cleaning restaurant kitchens and kitchen exhaust systems at night because he wanted to spend more time with his family.  Over the years, he began to see that mold was becoming a bigger issue and needed a better way to remove it…not just clean it.  When he discovered that bleach and other biocides were ineffective at removing the mold and may even cause more problems for those with breathing issues, he began researching products and systems that would better help his customers.  That research led to him partnering with Caltex International and their patented mold removal system.

After using these products and seeing how it really removed the mold, Terrell realized this was a service needed in his community.  Terrell then started transitioning EnviroSafe to focus on mold removal.  Terrell enjoys the results he sees after a job is completed.  “I really believe this is a service that people need” he says “As a family man myself, I love my family, and I enjoy helping others properly take care of their family.”

EnviroSafe offers complete mold solutions from start to finish.  As a complete solution EnviroSafe will not just offer the best solution for removing the mold but also find the cause and offer the best solution for future prevention.  While this does not help create recurring customers for EnviroSafe it saves their customers thousands of reoccurring charges over time and adds to a healthy home.  Terrell believes that it is just good business.  “As cheesy as it sounds one of the best advice I was given is do the best job you can because you live here.   Your customers should be happy to see you when you meet them out in public and you should never be afraid for them to see you”.

Our Vision.

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